Religions in Motion

As part of the Matteo Ricci Pluralism Project, the Saint Louis University Religions in Motion project seeks to educate youths in the community and provide a platform of dialogue through diverse forms of expressions. A major aim of this project is to raise cultural and religious awareness in the classroom. By understanding different traditions of the world, students are more likely to become well-rounded citizens. Furthermore, this project aims to help students express themselves and what they learn through art. This will challenge students and to be creative and innovative.

As part of RIM, Saint Louis area sixth graders are invited to participate in field trips designed to introduce them to world religions. Regular trip locations are the Saint Louis Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Religious Art, West Pine Masjid, and the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis. During their trip, students are introduced to the ideas of worldview and religion, the major world religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism), and the need for understanding and respect between members of those religions. Students then participate in an activity designed to help them visualize the differences between the major world religions, typically through exposure to different artistic expressions of religious characters or devotion. These field trips are designed to take approximately two hours and impress upon students the differences in world religions and the need for love and respect between those religions.

School administrators and teachers interested in applying to the RIM project, please fill out this form and submit it to riccipluralism [at]

Limited funding is available to assist schools with the transportation costs associated with the RIM project. Schools in need of Transportation Funding may apply via this form. Applications should be submitted to riccipluralism [at] alongside your school’s general application.